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Thank You!

Thank you for helping! Your gracious donations of talent, time, supplies, and financial resources have greatly benefitted many children throughout the Houston area.

You have been a great help and we appeciate your support! We sincerely appreciate your efforts to support not only our organization, but the many children that your donations have helped. Your efforts have allowed us to come this far and we hope grow even more!

Aaron L.
Amber Z.
Anne R.
Bobbie S.
Bonnie F.
Catherine Mc Collough
Crave Cupcakes
Cuc V.
Didie W.
Donald T.

Duc Ho
Eva Z.
Ginger F.
Gregory N.
Joyce Chu
Julie L.
Julie Peacock
Keith and Christine Nguyen and Family
Kim G.
Bobby and Claire Mestepy and Family
Lindsey N.
Liz Bueno
Matthew N.
Mrs. Ruby Ott
Yannick O'loughlin and Family
Olaussen Family
Paul and Kim Theriot and Family
Vu and Cindy Theriot and Family
Thomas Vu
Nam T.
Shayla G.
Vinh L.
Wanda F.
Retta Pryor


Crave Cupcakes has been supporting the Iced Capades Cakery since January of 2011 by donating cupcakes to us weekly! They have been fantastic to work with and their generosity is seemingly limitless! We honestly cannot thank them enough.



And last but not least, we would like to give a big thank you to DoSomething.org. With their help, we'll be able grow and expand so much! Thank you so much DoSomething.org! Be sure to go and check out their website. Click their logo and go take a look. :)