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The Organization:

The Iced Capades Cakery is, simply put, a non-profit organization created by us, Allison and Laura.

We supply children with birthday parties and cakes to celebrate their special day because these children often do not have the opportunity to celebrate their birthday as they move from shelter to shelter. Our non-profit organization attempts to help these children as much as we can by providing them with a source of normalcy, even if it is just for a small time.

100% of ALL donations, both baked goods and money, go directly to the shelters that we support or to purchase supplies for the production of the baked goods.

The Start:

We had originally baked for fun and then gave our cakes and other goodies to ourfamilies. As they quickly got tired of our onslaught of treats (and also grew concerned about their increasing waistlines), one member suggested that we redirect our baking effort to more deserving recipients. This spectacular idea was quickly put into action and resulted in the formation of the Iced Capades Cakery.


The Founders:


WASSUP. My name is Allison and I'm one half of this here cakery. Decorating is my favorite part of the whole cake-making process, and I really like sprinkles. I handle all of the PR work for our little cakery.

Likes: Top Chef, lemon frosting, anything silicone, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, naps





This is Laura and I'm the co-founder of this little organization we've created. While Allison's favorite part is decorating the cupcakes, I enjoy baking them. In addition to all of the baking and delivering, I am the webmaster and designer of this website.

I've always liked cooking and baking and I am an avid Food Network fan. My favorite show would have to be the Next Iron Chef (I am a big fan of Iron Chef Morimoto and Iron Chef Mike Symon).





Thanks for your time! We hope that you learned a little bit more about the start and reasons behind our organization. Feel free to contact us for any reason at all. We look forward to hearing from you soon!