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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I help with this cause?
A: One way you can help is by baking and donating a cake for a birthday child in a local shelter. We will attempt to match the shelter with the volunteer according to location and convenience.

Another way you can help is by donating supplies or money to purchase the supplies. We have volunteers, including us, who can bake and deliver the cakes.

Q:How do I know when I have to make the cake?
A: For the most part, we try to supply cakes about once or twice a month. We will contact you at least one week in advance to check your availability.

Q: What type of cake do I need to make? What size?
A: The sky is the limit as far a the type of cake and the decor of the cake.  For the most part, we provide cakes capable of feeding about 8-12 servings.  On special occasions, we have had bigger requests.  When that is the case, we often have 2 or 3 volunteer bakers on one "order".  We do ask the shelter in advance for warnings of any possible food allergies (Red dye, nuts, etc.). Usually it's up to the discretion of the baker or volunteer. We support almost all ideas!

Q: For what reason did you guys start this organization?
A: Children displaced to shelter often time have minimal or no resources available to them and their family, and their normal lives and routines are often disrupted.  Because all the focus at that point is on the basic necessities of daily life, "extravagant" needs, such as a birthday cakes, are often neglected.  So, we are here to restore some semblance of normalcy for these children and to simply put a smile on their face. :D

Q: In what area are you providing cakes for, as of now?
A: Currently, we serve the greater Houston area. We hope, in the future, that the cakery grows and can expand to out of the city and maybe out of state! Hopefully we'll be able to grow and support many more shelters, :)

We are currently providing for 6 shelters across the greater Houston area. We thank everyone so much for helping us grow this much. We are currently providing for more than 200 children total! Thanks so much for your support and we hope to grow even more.